A silent and gentle opening that continued a wonderful journey....

2012, when chef Robbie Ripalda returned from france and singapore Right after his trials and perseverance in acquiring a career in the elite and gastronomic destinations, what was recognized a failure did not stopped him from sharing his cuisine and love for cooking. But instead turned the situation into an opportunity by becoming an accidental entrepreneur -chef that made a humble dream into a reality.

Born and Raised in a humble family of meat butchers and liquor & Spirits suppliers, Chef Robbie was exposed early on his younger years and almost predestined to be a chef.

The Domaine Restaurant

In 2007, Chef Robbie Started as an intern at the “Le soufflé Restaurant” fort bonifacio, where he was instantly introduced with fine cooking & the joy of the restaurant world. In 2008, he received a wonderful opportunity to be working at the Mandarin Oriental in “The Tivoli” where he was appointed as “commis cuisinier” responsible in overall ‘Entremetier’ duties and eeventually rose to commis rotissier & commis Saucier.

In 2010, he further widen his experience and moved to Paris, France where he finished Culinary school at the prestigious “Le Cordon Bleu Paris” where he received a diploma in Cuisine and placing 3rd on his batch and a diploma in Patisserie where he received impressive citations as well.

Le Cordon Bleu opened numerous doors for Chef Robbie namely the historic Hotel De Crillon, a five star relais & chateau where he poste as Commis Cuisinier during the winter of 2010. In 2011 he moved to the city of Champagne in Reims where he worked in the luxurious Chateau Les Creyeres under the belt of Chef Philippe Mille as Commis Garde Manger.

At the Summer of 2011 he Returned backed to Paris and worked with the most respected Relais Gourmand Pierre Hermes where he was exposed and involved in overall production for Entremets, Tarts and petit Gateaux in vaugirard.

Chef Robbie Ripalda

A silent and gentle opening that continued a wonderful journey in the last quarter of 2013..

A dream that turned into a reality that slowly created its own market and continously generating and tapping into new clients. The Domaine Restaurant surely came out as vibrant and exciting as it was planned and envision.

The Domaine Restaurant